February 7, 2023

New Vamps imo.im Stickers Bring the Cuteness of Vampires to a Whole New Level

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After launching some Halloween-themed stickers about a week ago, imo.im is back to add even more Halloween style stickers to its messaging platform.

The new stickers feature a new original imo.im character named Vamps, whome imo describes as a “sweet little vampire.” Vamps was created by imo.im designer Ryan Marshall and, like all stickers offered through the imo.im sticker shop, the new Vamps stickers will be offered to users for free and largely replace the need for standard emoticons and emoji.

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You can download the new Vamps stickers by downloading the latest version of imo.im and then tapping on the smiley icon within a chat conversation. The Vamps stickers should be the first stickers you see, otherwise you can keep scrolling until you find them. You’ll also find quite a few other stickers as you scroll, so give them all a try.

What do you think of the new imo.im stickers?