November 27, 2022

Want a WeChat-Based Remote Control for Your Refrigerator? You May Soon Get Your Wish

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It turns out that KakaoTalk isn’t the only one vying to control the appliances you use in day-to-day living. Tencent, the company behind the popular WeChat messaging platform, is also apparently working on a way to control your refrigerators, ovens, and more through WeChat.

“Tencent’s open platform will start embracing all smart hardware devices, as we are setting up a hardware open platform for QQ and WeChat,” Ren said at the recent Tencent Global Partner Conference in Hainan, China (via). “Our open platform isn’t just about software, but also hardware and offline.”

“Tencent’s open platform will start embracing all smart hardware devices”

According to Tencent, the plan is to build up its application platforms, which Ren said have so far attracted 2.4 million third-party programs. This would include apps that will allow you to control your in-home devices through the social platform, giving you not only the ability to connect with anyone worldwide, but to control your home in the new world made possible by Internet of Things (IoT).

Would you ever consider controlling your oven or refrigerator with WeChat?