March 24, 2023

Copy or Email Your BBM Chat History on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone

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Sometimes it might be necessary to copy or email your BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) chat history in order to have a backup of conversations you’d rather not lose. It’s a relatively simple process, no matter which mobile platform you happen to be using.

First of all, though you’ll want to make sure the latest version of BBM is installed on your Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry device.

Next, you’ll want to turn on your Chat History feature (you can find out how to do this here).

To get started with copying and emailing your chat history, simply open a conversation on your version of the BBM application. For those on Android and iPhone, tap the menu button (the three vertical dots on the screen) and then simply select Copy Chat or email chat, whichever the case may be.

If you’re using BBM on the BlackBerry operating system, press the menu (BlackBerry logo), and then tap Copy Chat or Email Chat.

Finally, for Windows Phone users, tap menu (the thee horizonal dots at the bottom of the screen) and then select copy chat or email chat.