February 7, 2023

ooVoo Launches Its Open Up Life Nationwide College Tour, Coming to a Campus Near You

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ooVoo is kicking-off their five-week long Open Up Life college campus tour this month as it seeks to reach its growing millennial audience. The company will be giving away prizes and will be visiting colleges all across the country.

“College students love ooVoo because it keeps them connected to their friends and family around the world,” said Robert Jackman, Chairman and CEO of ooVoo. “We launched this tour to spread the word to those who have never heard of ooVoo and are missing out on sharing some of their life’s greatest moments.”

The tour will start first at Ohio State University on Monday, November 17th – Wednesday, November 19th. If you have a chance, come meet them on your campus to get some awesome free ooVoo swag. However, don’t worry if you can’t meet the street team, just follow the steps below for your chance to win the final crazy prize valued at up to $5,000.

  1. Download ooVoo to your mobile or desktop device.
  2. Add ooVooOSU as a friend.
  3. Stay signed in, and wait.

An ooVoo team member will be video calling a friend from the University’s ooVoo account friend list. The first person to answer will be the ultimate winner of some amazing surprise you can share with your friends. And yes, you must answer to win. ooVoo says “no callbacks.”