February 6, 2023

You Can Now Share and Save Documents and Videos With Telegram Messenger Beta for Windows Phone 8.1

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Telegram for Windows Phone has just been updated to version, and this new version brings a lot of new bug fixes and performance improvements with it, but also includes a couple of notable feature additions.

Specifically, you can now send all types of documents from your phone storage or OneDrive, you can share videos from your device’s Gallery or OneDrive, and you can also now save your documents and videos, all of which are exclusive to Windows Phone 8.1.

As for the bug fixes and improvements, they include:


  • Full emoji support in chats
  • Improved chat headers
  • Improved chat settings
  • Improved forwarded messages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with key generation on sign up
  • Fixed Authorisation error 408 while scrolling chat list
  • Fixed returning to the chat list and multiple notifications
  • Fixed problem with in-app notifications from muted chats
  • Fixed problems with emoji keyboard height on some devices
  • Fixed problem with keyboard covering the input field

Download the new Telegram messenger update using this QR code.