September 27, 2022

OneSimCard Announces New Service Expansions, Rate Changes for Its Travel SIM Card

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Last month, 15 new countries were added to the OneSim Travel SIM card service coverage area. This month, however, there aren’t as many expansions to report.

OneSimCard Plus began voice and SMS text messaging service in Belize and French Polynesia. Aside from this, there are no new additions to the OneSimCard coverage area.

However, there are some notable new price changes occurring this month. In fact some of them have already been rolled out effective December 1, 2014. Outgoing calling rates were slightly increased in Armenia, Cape Verde Island, Chad, Georgia, Niger and Turkmenistan. In Central Africa, rates for OneSimCard to OneSimCard calls and calls to voicemail have also increased and are viewable on OneSimCard’s website.

As for what’s coming next, in an email sent to TruTower, OneSimCard says that it’s planning to launch additional data packages with lower rates via its Plus service. Its global data will cost as low as $0.13 per MB when purchasing the company’s 500MB package. No word yet on when this change will roll out.