December 2, 2022

Telegram Beta App for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS Updated With Username Link Enhancements, Phone Contact Integration

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If you’re using Telegram Messenger Beta on your Windows Phone, Android, or iOS device, you should have received an update today that adds some notable new features and improvements.

Specifically, the new update adds support for links, so if you tap on one of these links, it will open a chat with that particular user in the Telegram app. The app also includes full integration with your phone’s address book and improved support for chat backgrounds.

There are also some fixes in store for you as well. There’s a fix for the self-destruct timer, which does appear to be working again thus far, as well as a fix for the emoji keybaord on full HD Windows Phone screens such as the Nokia Lumia 1520. Finally there are also some “other improvements and fixes” which were not specified by the developer.

You can grab the new and improved Telegram messenger via these QR codes. What do you think of the new update?