WorldSIM’s New Tri-Fi Device Uniquely Rolls Wireless Router, Power Bank, and Storage Device into One

WorldSIM has just launched the “ultimate travel companion for frequent travellers” today — its eagerly-awaited WorldSIM Tri-Fi device.

Combining three vital travel solutions into one pocket sized lifesaver , the WorldSIM Tri-Fi is an unlocked wireless router (giving worldwide internet on the go), a power bank and storage device all rolled into one. The device also includes an Ethernet port, which makes it unique from other portable Wi-Fi hotspots, enabling users to plug directly into an external internet source and thereby allowing the user to create their own WiFi network.

Using this unique combination, International travellers can benefit from getting online anywhere in the world on multiple (up to 10) devices simultaneously while being able to store to 32 GB of their files and charing their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

The Tri-Fi device is only available on pre order with promotional pricing, and deliveries won’t begin until December 15th, three days after the device’s official launch on December 12th. It’s unlocked to allow any SIM card to work inside, but already comes packed with a WorldSIM data roaming SIM card that works in over 165 countries and according to the company, its service saves 85 percent on global roaming costs compared to traditional carriers.


“Until now travellers have often been forced to switch of their data and rely on trying to find a decent public Wi-Fi connection which is an annoyance to say the least,” said Arif Reza, CEO at WorldSIM. “The WorldSIM Tri-Fi gives travellers the convenience to get a secure internet connection anywhere they want, for themselves as well as those that they are travelling with.”

More information about the WorldSIM Tri-Fi device can be found on WorldSIM’s website.

  • TMax

    When I landed in China with WorldSIM Orbizz phone, I switched on the
    device but could not see any network bar. I became doubtful whether the
    handset was unlocked or not. But when I turned off the device and
    reinserted the SIM card, got the network signal. For contacting via
    phone call or mail and some basic internet tasks , this handset was a
    good selection.

  • Aliza

    I purchased the WorldSIM card last January and later I chose their Pocket Wifi device for a complete data roaming solution. Felt much better when got the device working according to the specifications. Using the device was an easy procedure for me and I did not require to know a lot of things to access data with this device.

  • Finn

    For my family tour, needed a wifi router device and Trifi enabled us getting a whole soothing data experience on roaming. Setting up and connecting all my devices at the first time was a bit hard but, later, we could surf internet with a decent speed.

  • Paella

    Bought the WorldSIM power bank for my France holiday
    tour. It eliminated the necessity carrying a lot of chargers for all my
    devices. Got enough power back up what was a must for roaming. Very nice
    looking and easy to work out.

  • Tmatt

    I have been using the WorldSIM multi tool pen for only a few
    days now. Used several kits before, but could not be this much satisfied.
    With several features a complete excellent gadget.

  • IMikhail

    When I got the WorldSIM WiFi router, it worked fine for
    several months. Ping rate was satisfactory equally. After three months, had an
    issue with this device and I contacted their customer care. The troubleshooting
    worked fantastic . Now, I need no more to call get assistance; simply I can
    chat with their support team. Fantastic opportunity, so far!

  • LuIAlx

    My new business needs me travel a lot and at times I have to
    stay there for days. For a smooth communication there’s no second to a cheap
    data raoming network. Over the last three months have been using the worldsim
    dongle and found none other to beat its price and efficiency of service.

  • leryyEin

    Worldsim trifi is a good internet device to use. I have had mine for a year now. Till now, did not happen to deal with any big issue.

  • leryyEin

    Worldsim trifi is a good internet device to use. I have had mine for a year now. Till now, did not happen to deal with any big issue.

  • Hans van ‘t Zand

    Going to Nepal next week.
    Is the WorldSim Tri-Fi useful at all? I cannot by a data bundle for Nepal …