December 2, 2022

Naver Opening LINE Pop-Up Store in New York City by the End of The Year

LINE Pop Up Shop

If you live in New York City, there’s no shortage of things to do. With landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center, and Nintendo World Store, not to mention some of the finest restaurants in the country, you’ve already got a full pallet of things to enjoy.

“We consider the United States [to be] one of the most important base regions”

Now there’s going to be one more thing to do, and it’s especially going to be good if you’re a fan of Naver’s LINE messaging app. Naver announced that it will be opening a popup store called “Line Friends in New York” in Time Square, New York, by the end of this year. This marks the first “friends store” that LINE has opened in North America and also the 13th popup store after the ten LINE stores in existence in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and other Asian countries, as well as one in Columbia.

“We consider the United States as one of the most important base regions,” said an unnamed LINE official. “Through the Line Friends in New York, we will provide the people with the opportunities of experiencing and feeling the mobile messenger Line instead of focusing on profit.”

LINE expects the Line Friends in New York to contribute to enhancing its brand image as a global mobile messenger. It also plans to open an official LINE Friends store in Harajuku in Tokyo on December 12.

LINE is available on most major mobile platforms.

Are you going to be visiting the store when it opens?

Photo: CNET