August 17, 2022

LINE Releases New Version 4.9.0, Including Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Devices

Line for iPod, VoIP for iPhone, Internet Calling on iPad

LINE released a new version today in the form of version 4.9.0. The new version adds a number of new enhancements to the popular calling and messaging app, including a message search feature that allows you to search through chats for specific messages, currently only available on the iPhone version of LINE.

Other improvements include support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices and their respective screen resolutions, as well as landscape mode support. You can see what landscape mode looks like in the screenshots below.

LINE Landscape mode, LINE app, LINE voip and IM

LINE app, LINE messaging, VoIP

Also, a new message searching ability that has been added to the chat search feature. The search feature has been extended to cover the following areas with this update.

  • Chat message content?NEW!
  • Account names of friends you’ve chatted with 1-on-1 and in multi-person chats
  • Names of group chats

The only limitation that LINE has reported is that you cannot search for account display names of members in group chats. In addition, search results can display up to 100 messages.

It’s not clear when these features will expand to Android or Windows Phone versions of LINE. You can download the new LINE for Apple iOS using these QR codes.