January 29, 2023

Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone Gains Faster Photo Viewer and More

Telegram Messenger, Windows messaging apps, Telegram beta

Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone may be in beta, but that just means it’s getting a lot more love and this can be seen from the level of support the app has received lately. In an update at the beginning of this month, Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone was updated alongside the iOS and Android versions with telegram.me/username support. About a week ago, new animations were added and now another update, the third in December, has graced the screens of our Lumias, HTC One M8s, and Samsung ATIVs.

Version gains the following changes and enhancements:

  • new faster photo viewer with ‘swipe to close’ support
  • support for custom font sizes set in phone settings (wp8.1)
  • fixed bug with typing/last seen status

You can download the new and improved Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone via this page. Post your thoughts on the new and improved update in the comments section below this article.