December 2, 2022

Snapchat Raises an Additional $486.5 Million, Still Shuns Windows Phone Users

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After closing an investment in October and a summmer full of investment talk, Snapchat ended 2014 with another $486.5 million investment from a whopping 23 investors according to Bloomberg.

The latest funding round has reportedly been worked on for “months”

The latest funding round has reportedly been worked on for “months,” and finished just in time to be the final landmark in a 2014 filled with acquisitions and investments in a number of social apps — you can read about many of these in our 2014 year in review feature article.

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Snapchat’s own 2014 wasn’t all roses and pearls. The company started the year with a number of security issues and more recently gave popular 3rd party apps the boot, including 6Snap, a popular application by star Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn. Snapper was another app affected by the change, which left tens of millions of potential users without a Snapchat client — but not without plenty of alternatives.

Snapchat’s official app is available for iOS and Android devices.