February 6, 2023

You May Soon “Call Via Skype” Using a Simple Button in WhatsApp’s Messaging App

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Forget making VoIP calls via WhatsApp Messenger using a native calling feature. According to reports, Facebook’s WhatsApp may be joining forces with Microsoft’s Skype to deliver a voice calling option to users.

It all happens using a “Call via Skype” feature, a feature that, among others, has been seen in a leaked string of code. Other features include in the leaked code include Call Mute, Call Hold, Call back, Call me in X minutes, Call back message, Call Via Skype, Call Notifications and Separate screen for call logs.

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This is an interesting twist for WhatsApp users who have been waiting on a call feature for almost a year and comes just after a massive security boost rolled out to WhatsApp users.

Of course, this is all, unfortunately a rumor; we haven’t yet had a confirmation from WhatsApp and there’s no guarantee that such a feature is being planned. This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a feature or app get put on hold. So we’ll put it over in the rumor bin while we work to get it confirmed. Still, what do you think? Would a “Call via Skype” button make your dream of making calls via WhatsApp come true.