September 26, 2022

WhatsApp Messenger Could Come Pre-Installed on Samsung Z1 Tizen Handset

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If you’ve been following the news, you’re probably aware of all the rumors circulating about Samsung launching its own Tizen-powered smartphone called the Samsung Z1.

The phone has been reportedly set for a January 18th launch, and now we’re hearing that WhatsApp Messenger a subject that TruTower readers know intimately well, could come pre-installed on the device.

Samsung Z1, Samsung Tizen, Smartphones

WhatsApp continues to work across all platforms

This news comes via SamMobile and comes with some leaked photos as well.

These screenshots confirm that WhatsApp will continue being one of the few out of a growing number of messaging apps that works across all mobile platforms.

Samsung Tizen, Samsung Z1, WhatsApp on Tizen

the Tizen version of WhatsApp is identical to its Android counterpart

Essentially, likely because of the similarities with Android, the Tizen version of WhatsApp is identical to its Android counterpart and didn’t go through the redesign ringer like the iOS and Windows Phone versions did.

Now the question remains: when will the Z1 launch? While the aforementioned January 18th date might be accurate, we don’t know at this point until there’s an official announcement. Samsung hasn’t yet responded to TruTower‘s emails as of this writing.

Will you be picking up the Samsung Z1?