September 25, 2022

WhatsApp Messenger for Android Receives Fix for Notification Sound Bug

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For many users on Android Lollipop, WhatsApp Messenger has been bringing quite a bit of grief, particularly when they believe their phone is on silent or vibrate, yet the notifications from the app can still be heard.

Thankfully, an update that addresses this issue has just been released for Google’s OS, putting an end to the potentially embarassing bug. The app will no longer send the user audible notifications when the phone has been placed in Priority mode.

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This is certainly not the first time a bug has driven WhatsApp users on Android insane, but it is a significant one, yet did not earn any mention in the changelog shown in the Google Play Store, which shows only that “miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements” were made.

Either way, now that the bug is fixed, you no longer have to be annoyed by the audible notifications once you’re in Priority mode. Now we just need those WhatsApp voice calls.

The app’s latest version can be downloaded here.