September 25, 2022

WhatsApp Plus Users Being Suspended for Using Third Party Clients

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If you’re using WhatsApp Messenger on the “Plus” side and you’re doing it through a third party client, you no doubt have heard that users are being banned for using such services to access their WhatsApp accounts.

Apps like WhatsAppMD are being singled out by WhatsApp in an eerily familiar replay of What Snapchat did to third party apps in November and has many users scrambling to download the official app.

As was the case with Snapchat, using the third-party clients is viewed as a violation of WhatsApp’s terms of use.

Using third party clients is seen as a violation of WhatsApp’s TOS

Don’t worry if you’ve been banned, though, as it’s only temporary. The ban lifts after about 24 hours.

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And, like the Snapchat ban angered developers, particularly those on Windows Phone who were using Rudy Huyn’s popular 6snap client, the same is true for the ban of WhatsApp clients. One only needs to view this community to see the outrage being expressed in posts.

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