March 27, 2023

Newly-released Skype 5.10 for Apple iPhone Devices Brings Back URI Support

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Today Skype app version 5.10 was released for Apple iPhone devices and brings Skype URI support back to the platform, enabling developers to more easily use Skype’s messaging and calling infrastructure to start calls and chats straight from their mobile app or mobile website, rather than building their own solution.

“As long as the Skype app is installed on an iPhone, when a user taps on a Skype name or phone number, the URI will open the Skype app to connect a call or send a message*, making it faster than ever to reach friends, family or businesses,” Skype said on its blog.

In addition to URI support, new improvements to the dialer have also been made in the new update, which Skype says makes it “quick and easy” to start Skype conversations with your contacts. Now you can save phone numbers that have been entered into the dial pad and also phone numbers in your recent calls list. When you save the phone numbers, you can easily create new contacts so you don’t have to search for the number next time you call.

The new Skype update can be downloaded via iTunes.