February 6, 2023

Aquatic Stickers Now Available on Viber’s Calling and Messaging App

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New aquatic stickers have made their debut in the Viber sticker shop, adding onto the thousands of stickers that are already available for the platform, including “Bear With Me” and Moshi Monster sticker sets (and, of course, Viber’s staple character Violet).

Viber is one of many mobile messaging apps who are offering virtual stickers to its users as a way to set the platform apart from other messaging apps with stickers such as LINE and imo.im. These stickers offer a way for you to chat with your friends and family while expressing yourself beyond the standard emoji and emoticons offered to you in your smartphone.

Viber stickers such as those already mentioned and many more can be downloaded via the Viber sticker shop, available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.