June 1, 2023

Vonage Releases Statement on FCC’s Adoption of Net Neutrality Rules

Internet of Things, Internet of Silos, Worldwide Connected

Vonage is a company whose very existence would not be possible without the internet. In addition to offering home VoIP, the company also operates a Mobile application that we all know well.

Vonage Chief Executive Officer, Alan Masarek, released the following statement in response to yesterday’s adoption by the FCC of Net Neutrality rules:

“An open Internet ensures that competition is strong”

“The Internet is a critical platform for communicating, sharing and accessing content throughout the world and has become an essential part of our daily life. An open Internet ensures that competition is strong and that consumers and businesses have access to the multitude of choices they demand and expect. Limitations on that access, such as paid prioritization, would have a negative long-term impact on consumers and businesses alike, including entrepreneurs who rely on the Internet to create and deliver innovative and disruptive products and services.

“As a provider of over-the-top and cloud-based services, Vonage has long been a strong proponent of robust open Internet rules that apply to both wired and wireless broadband. We applaud the FCC and Chairman Wheeler for adopting new Net Neutrality rules that will ensure the Internet remains an open, uninhibited platform for all.”