May 31, 2023

WhatsApp for Web Lights Up Mozilla’s Firefox and Opera Software’s Browsers

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WhatsApp Messenger has long been mobile-only, keeping to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone and leaving those of us on tablets and desktop PCs in the cold when it comes to communicating with our WhatsApp friends. However, in January, that all changed with the release of WhatsApp for the Web. Unfortunately, only Google Chrome users were able to take advantage of it. Today though, the rest of the web world is finally liberated with the release of the service for Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers.

This news was announced via WhatsApp’s Twitter account, and included an image showing the supported browser logos inside WhatsApp Web’s user interface:

There is still no confirmation of support for Internet Explorer or iOS users. While there’s no report from the company why IE isn’t supported, the company does point out that “Apple platform limitations” were keeping WhatsApp for Web out of the hands of iPad users. Hopefully these last two platforms won’t have to wait long for full support to roll out.