March 27, 2023

Kik Messenger Users Celebrate: Native Video Now Available on Kik

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If you’ve been using Kik and looking at Snapchat users in envy for their ability to share video, no longer; Kik has launched native video onto its application this week.

With Kik’s built-in solution, available on iOS and Android, you can now record and send videos of up to 15 seconds. While this isn’t nearly as long as videos you can send and receive in Kik Cards like Video for Kik, or apps such as K*Tok or recorder for Kik, it nevertheless represents a major step forward for the messaging app, which up until now has been limited to text and picture messaging.

The most recent user count for Kik places the messaging platform at 200 million users. These users represent all those who have registered for the app, and don’t necessarily mean these users are active. By comparison, WhatsApp has over 700 million active users while WeChat boasts over 500 million.

Kik is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.