February 6, 2023

Live Long and Prosper: Star Trek BBM Stickers Now Available in BBM Shop

Star Trek Stickers, BBM Sticker Shop, Star Trek TOS

A few days ago, the day of the incredibly sad passing of Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy, BBM Stickers depicting the legendary actor in his role as Spock and other Star Trek: The Original Series characters showed up in the BBM Shop then, upon the passing of the star, were immediately pulled.

Now, the Star Trek sticker pack is back in the BBM Shop, so if you’re using BBM to keep in touch with your fellow Star Trek fans, you’ll definitely want to pick this set up.

The set can be purchased on iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices starting at $1.49. Characters featured in the set include William Shatner’s Captain Kirk, the aforementioned Leonard Nimoy’s Mr Spock, DeForest Kelley’s Dr ‘Bones’ McCoy, and more.

If you haven’t yet downloaded BBM on your device, you can do so using these QR codes. From there, simply tap on the BBM Shop to purchase your own piece of galactic history.