May 31, 2023

WhatsApp Voice Calling is Indeed Coming to Windows Smartphones, Too

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We’ve seen plenty of evidence that WhatsApp‘s oft-rumored voice calling feature would be coming to Android and Tizen (in fact, it’s already available for some users) and the feature’s arrival on iOS pretty much goes without saying. What about the world’s third most popular smartphone platform? Are Windows Phone users relegated to the back of the line with the likes of BlackBerry 10 and Firefox OS?

Thankfully, this is not the case, as the company has confirmed that it does plan to support the world of Live Tiles in response to a user query.

There’s no release date, but it shouldn’t be too long now, knowing how quickly WhatsApp updates its Windows Phone app to align with its Android and iOS versions. No word yet, however, on other platforms being added to the list, but as always we’ll keep our ears to the ground for more info. Until then, be sure to download the latest WhatsApp update here.