November 28, 2022

Viber, Skype Offering Free VoIP Calls to Landlines and Mobile Phones in Nepal

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Over the weekend, Viber announced that users can now call mobiles and landlines in Nepal for free using Viber Out from any International location. This means both inbound and outbound calls to/from Nepal are free while using the popular calling and messaging application.

Viber Out, Nepal Earthquake, Free VoIP Apps

Today, Skype also announced that it would be offering free calls to both landlines and mobile phones in the country:

“Since no one knows the full extent of the devastation, we want to help provide people with alternative methods of communication to reach friends and family in the region during this difficult time.”

To call free from Skype and Viber, simply dial the number in keypad with code +977 (see our country codes list for additional dialing codes). In Viber, select Viber Out from the Contacts page and in Skype, press Send.

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