March 20, 2023

KakaoTalk offering new RUN sticker set deal in the KakaoTalk Item Store

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Early this morning, KakaoTalk announced a sticker deal that it says will only be available for a “limited time” though no specific date was given, nor were any further details as of this writing.

The new stickers make it easy to customize your conversations with families and friends by utilizing emoji-like emotions to portray emotion. The new stickers feature KakaoTalk characters Kiki, Street Cat, Okcheorie, and more.

This news comes just weeks after KakaoTalk acquired Path in an attempt to stay relevant in a very crowded mobile messaging industry.

All four sticker sets are available for one price straight fromt the Kakao Item store, so be sure to download KakaoTalk to download and immediately start using the stickers in your chats.

What other stickers would you like to see make the launch on the KakaoTalk mobile messaging platform? Be sure to let us know by posting your thoughts in the comments below this article.