March 27, 2023

Kik Messenger Update Brings Fresh New Look for Content and Spam Control Features

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As one of the most popular messaging apps on the market, Kik Messenger often has issues with spam from third party sources, showing up as messages from unknown contacts and trying to entice you to click on the picture banners that they have a habit of sending you every time.

To help combat this issue, Kik has added the option to report users in the new chats list and on their profile screens, making it easier than ever to make sure you’re getting messages from people you know and you’re not getting spam messages from those you don’t. Simply tap the Menu icon and select Report Spam.

“more than 50% of our users like to share content on Kik”

According to Kik, “more than 50% of our users like to share content on Kik” and so the messaging company has changed how the application looks, particularly when it comes to images, videos, and links distributed inside conversations.

You can get the new and improved Kik Messenger here.