May 28, 2023

Skype for Mac gains some bug fixes, while Skype on gains group video, voice calls

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Skype for Mac has just been updated to version 7.10, which Skype team says is focused on “improving your video calling experience.

Specifically, the update includes some video and contact fixes, including:

Category Description
Video Fixed stutter when Skype window is minimized during a video call.
Video Fixed spinner which sometimes incorrectly appeared during a video call.
Contacts Resolved PSTN contacts not appearing in custom contact lists.

However there’s still one issue that remains with the messaging feature of the app. The typing indicator is being clipped if you try to use a larger font size. Skype is aware of the issue and is “working on resolving the issue and hope to release a fix soon.”

Meanwhile, for Skype for users, in addition to group IM, Skype has launched free group voice and group video calls, letting you add up to 25 people to a voice call and up to 10 to a video call.

To make a free group call using Skype for Web or Skype for

  1. Visit or and sign in.
  2. Select +New to start a new conversation (or + for
  3. Add friends to the chat (you can have up to 25 participants on a voice call and up to 10 on a video call).
  4. Click confirm and start a chat.
  5. Fix your hair and then, when you’re ready, click the call or video call button.

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