October 5, 2022

Skype releases version 5.10 for Android, lets you personalize your ringtone, forward photos

Skype for Android, VoIP and IM, Skype app

Today, Skype has released version 5.10 of its Android application, with the latest update focusing on self-expression rather than simply improving upon its looks.

The new update makes the following changes, the first of which focuses on expressing your self through your ringtone:

Personalize your ringtone

Customize incoming call sounds for a contact by selecting a ringtone from your device. In a conversation, tap the lower right and select “Ringtone options” then “Set custom ringtone”.

Forward photos from your chats

Share photos from chats with other Skype friends and family who may not be in the conversation. Just tap and hold on the photo you want to share and select “Forward photo”.

Of course, some improvements on looks were still implemented in the new update. Skype says that it has also managed to slip a number of fixes and additional improvements into the new software, and added in the functionality of changing the colors of avatars for group chats so you can more easily tell one conversation from another.

Get the new update here.