February 6, 2023

Bubble Pup makes a comeback with new WeChat sticker pack

Wechat stickers, Bubble Pup 2, sticker packs

WeChat has just launched a new sticker pack that brings the “cuteness” of Bubble Pup back. The new Bubble Pup 2 sticker pack is now available and features the adorable puppy and his sidekick in a couple of new ways.

Green Bubble Pup

Green Pup seems to always be getting the short-end of the stick. Although he is very alert and astute, he always falls for White Pup’s pranks. But even through all jokes, he still cheers her on, sending flowers when she’s down. He’s a true friend who is around in both good times and bad.

White Bubble Pup

White Bubble Pup is a trickster at heart, sporting a mischievous smile. She loves being cheeky and poking fun at Green Pup. Some might say she can be quite sneaky, but her pranks are always innocent.

The new stickers can be downloaded from the WeChat sticker gallery. If you don’t have WeChat on your device, you can download it here.