November 27, 2022

OneTime Messenger lets you own a piece of the pie, now available on iOS, Android

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If you’re looking for a new messenger to replace one of the likely many you already have installed on your device, you might look into OneTime Messenger, which lets user chat, call, and share like many other apps.

OneTime Messenger, however, claims that it has “one unique dimension” that sets it apart from the crowd: you actually own a chunk of the app yourself.

It’s true. The moment you register your mobile number with OneTime Messenger, you get one share of OneTime.World Plc and if you convince your friends to use OneTime Messenger you get additional shares for each friend registering with OneTime.

In addition to the shares, though, OneTime Messenger lets you:

  • Chat or Message local or international, to individual or groups.
  • Message across platforms (iPhone/Android/Desktop).
  • Place free local and international voice / video calls.
  • Share photos, voice, video, location, contacts, status, etc.
  • Unlimited group chat and Unlimited broadcast chats.
  • All conversations are private and secure.

In addition, the app doesn’t charge annual subscription charges and includes no additional costs for using it.

OneTime Messenger app is available for $ 0.99 USD and can be downloaded via Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.