TruTower offers display advertising options for a wide variety of advertisers. We offer flat-rate advertising at a low price that puts your ad in view of tens of thousands of unique viewers every month in addition to our dedicated readers!

We welcome most any kind of advertisement so long as it meets our advertising guidelines and requirements. Our requirements and guidelines are as follows:

  • Regarding link ads or sponsored posts…
    We get a lot of requests for these and we do accept them from time to time. However we simply cannot and will not accept gambling or casino-related content or links (see below). As a news website, we also keep our content non-biased. If you feel like your contribution will work alongside our normal content, please get in contact with us.

  • For best results, ads less than 250px are recommended.
    The reason for this is simple: this website was built using a responsive layout. Simply put, this means the website will adapt to any screen size — from the largest of PC screens to the smallest of mobile and game system screens — depending on the device the visitors are using. We find that 250 pixels is the maximum size to allow a premium experience for the user when viewing this site on a smaller screen. Also, we cannot accept ads that are exactly 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall because the size must differentiate from those already shown on our sidebar due to an existing agreement with our current advertising partners. As for height, we’d prefer to keep it under 500 pixels. Any ads wider than 250px may automatically be hidden on screens with less than 900px width resolution. An example of a preferred ad size is shown below:

  • We do not EVER accept gambling or casino-related ads.
    We cannot accept ads devoted to this topic. We prefer ads that have something to due with the subject matter contained on the site in some way, though we are willing to accept almost any other type of ad that’s not gambling or casino. Contact us if you’re unsure and we’ll be happy to help!

  • No pornographic or illegal advertisements or scams.
    This one goes without saying. While our target audience is usually 18 or older, we do have visitors who are younger who visit this website so we certainly want to keep it family friendly as much as possible. We also want things we are advertising to be legitimate. We use services like Alexa and rating services like WOT (Web of Trust) to validate the websites we are advertising, so please make sure you’re not on their bad sides before contacting us.

  • No flashing banners, pop-up, pop-under, or other annoying ads.
    The ads should be able to flow with the content contained on the website. If we feel that your ad is greatly distracting the user from our content or annoying the user, we won’t be able to accept it.

  • Ads must load quickly.
    Keep in mind that many of our users are on mobile devices, so may not have access to the fastest data connections. Optimizing your ads will help keep our pages fast and fluid while allowing your ad to be seen by the user more quickly. It’s a win/win for both of us.

We welcome you to contact us via email with your proposal for pricing and additional information.

Thank you for advertising with TruTower!