Truphone's VoIP application (also known as Tru App or TruApp) was the very first VoIP application ever on the Apple iPhone and is a completely separate product to the Truphone GSM SIM service. The VoIP App allows users to make calls over the internet to landline and mobile phone contacts, and free calls to other Truphone App users. On some older versions for selected devices, customers were able to instant message and call contacts on other services such as Skype, Windows Live (currently being integrated into Skype by Microsoft), and Google Talk.

The Truphone VoIP application is currently available for iOS 6 and Android Jelly Bean devices. Legacy versions of the app are also downloadable from some areas on the internet for BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian, and Desktop -- including Apple Mac OS, Windows 7 and earlier, and Linux devices -- with updated versions coming soon for BlackBerry 10, Desktop and even Windows Phone 8. The current iterations of the app support calling over Wi-Fi and 3G networks. Legacy apps all support Wi-Fi calling except for the BlackBerry version, which utilized Tru Anywhere, a method of use in which the local minutes of the user are used to connect the call to a local Truphone server.

As of the release of version 5 in November 2012, text messaging functionality has been removed from the iOS and Android applications and the application has been removed for the iPad. Sources with Truphone confirm that text messaging will be restored at a later date. Recent rumors also point to the VoIP application and GSM SIM service working on the same user accounts in the near future.

Truphone applications use the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) open standard, which competes with other VoIP standards such as UMA and proprietary protocols such as the Skype protocol.

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