March 21, 2023

Microsoft Windows Phone Apollo “Sneak Peek” Coming June 20th

WP8, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft OS

Microsoft is quaking in its shoes with anticipation, looking to announce the upcoming version of its popularity-gaining Windows Phone platform — the latest iteration of which is codenamed Apollo or Windows Phone 8 — on June 20th according to the company.

The announcement of “the future of Windows Phone” will take place in San Francisco, and should hopefully answer a lot of questions people may have about the upcoming Metro-run operating system — including details such as its release date and Microsoft’s plan to make the OS a more attractive option for developers — as it plans to maintain its gaining foothold on mobile marketshare.

It’s not yet clear, though, what exactly will be announced aside from some specifics about the OS functionality. Hardware and much about the software remains a mystery. At this point, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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