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TravelSIM is a global mobile communications carrier by Top Connect Ltd., founded in 1995. Top Connect has been listed in Estonia’s Leading Enterprises TOP 100 since 2009. The list is published every year in Estonian leading business paper Äripäev The service currently has over 3.2 million users worldwide.

According to their website, Top Connect is the “biggest alternative GSM roaming provider in the world,” offering services in more than 230 countries. Through TravelSIM’s completely prepaid international roaming service, customers can also expect to receive free incoming calls in 135 countries and free incoming SMS text messages worldwide.

One of TravelSIM’s unique features that sets it apart from other international carriers is its innovative agreement with VoIP provider Skype to allow free calls for Skype users to TravelSIM phone numbers. This feature allows Skype users to stay in touch with TravelSIM users for free while charging the normal billing rate for incoming calls for the SIM card user.

The main office of Top Connect is located in Estonia, and its subsidiaries are located in Latvia and Lithuania.

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