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Maxroam is a global mobile communications service provided by Cubic Telecom. The Maxroam international GSM service was developed to lower costs for traveling users while making it easier to stay connected worldwide. Any GSM-compatible mobile phone or smartphone, including the iPhone 5 using Maxroam’s new Nano-SIM, will work with Maxroam’s service.

Unlike most other international GSM providers, Maxroam offers special bundles which are tailored to the needs of their users and can help users save more by allowing users to choose from a variety of minute bundles to make and receive calls, SMS bundles for texting and mobile web bundles for surfing the internet.

The Maxroam service also provides its users with the ability to have a local phone number for multiple countries, ensuring that all those calling the user won’t have to pay for more than a local call. Users can also map their home mobile number to their Maxroam SIM cards so they won’t have to change numbers while traveling abroad.

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