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    Pretty self explanatory. If you want to submit a guest post, you’re more than welcome to, as long as it follows the rest of these guidelines.

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    Please be aware that those pertaining to SIM Cards, Tablets, Smartphones, Wireless Equipment, VoIP, Messaging, or Social Networking — the core of TruTower‘s audience — will always receive highest priority. We also welcome startups that fit this description. E-mail us at the above address to find out where to send your review units. If you’ve had a product reviewed by us before and wish to send something else for review, please email us again before sending your product.

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    We do allow Sponsored Posts (send them to the “Advertising Inquiries” email on the contact page) but only if they provide unique, exclusive information (not republished anywhere else) and do not contain “advertising lingo” such as “guaranteed” or similar statements. Think of sponsored posts as “articles” rather than “advertisements” and focus on what sets your product apart from other, similar products. We do offer advertising options for those seeking promotional opportunities.

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    To be honest, we very rarely publish them on the site, as most readers tend to find them annoying. If you do have an infographic, feel free to send it, but please keep this in mind.

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    Simply let us know if the information is to be held until a certain date!

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