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Entrepreneur, mobile expert, and former CEO of simyo, Jochen Doppelhammer founded Yuilop in 2011. Re-launched as UppTalk in 2013, the app is now available in over 100 countries including Germany, Italy, Mexico, and the US with more than 5 million active users and growing fast. UppTalk headquarters are in Barcelona, Spain.

UppTalk is an open standard, global communications app that lets you call any mobile or landline phone, SMS any mobile, and chat anywhere in the world for free. Even without UppTalk, your contacts can still receive calls, voice or SMS messages from you and it’s still free.

Unlike other social and communications apps, UppTalk runs independently of network and operators. It calls everywhere in the world for free and through the use of our credit system. Everyone starts with free credit upon sign up and can earn more by inviting friends, watching videos, or checking out the app’s available promotions.

UppTalk is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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