Pling Messenger

Pling Messenger is a push-to-talk (PTT) messenger designed for both mobile and desktop. It mixes the speed and brevity of texting with the personality and ease of your voice. Pling helps communicate naturally with more accuracy & speed. Pling can send quick audio messages to individuals or groups of people and can cut down on unnecessary emails or phone calls, with the ability to share URLs and files via desktop annotated by audio messages coming soon.

Pling was initially launched in February 2013. Since then, the application has amassed 1,000 new signups each day, 3,000 “plings” (PTT messages sent via the app) sent per day.

The Pling mobile app is available for devices running iOS 5.0 or newer, while the desktop app is available for OSX 10.7 or newer. No word on other platforms receiving the application. The desktop and mobile app lets you exchange quick voice messages with one person or a group. Each Pling conversation is contained in its own thread, and each message is archived chronologically, so users can revisit them if they would like.

Like Voxer, Pling has a business-grade Pro product in existence alongside the consumer version. Pling is testing their Pro edition with a number of companies. The Pro product will support a monthly subscription fee and was designed for the “social enterprise” market.

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