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GO-SIM is a leading prepaid international roaming solutions provider with coverage spanning 190 countries and 460 roaming partner networks. The service is part of the JT Group (formerly Jersey Telecom Limited), who own and manage the group’s core infrastructure.

GO-SIM enables leisure and business travelers to stay connected while abroad, with calls, texts and data at “extremely competitive rates” according to the company. Users are offered both a global +44 (UK) and US +1 phone number on the same SIM card, meaning customers can be contacted on both numbers at any given time.

Free incoming calls are provided in over 70 countries, and users can opt to have their domestic mobile number forwarded to their roaming number so they never miss a call. GO-SIM also offers dual-SIM Android smartphones as part of its JT Smart Pack, as well as entry level devices. GO-SIM also provides three data roaming bundles to help users save money and avoid ever-increasing roaming costs while traveling abroad.

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