XXSIM Roaming Service

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XXSIM (or XX SIM) is a global roaming SIM card-based service provided by Shaston AG that provides coverage in over 137 countries with the recent addition of Ukraine, Thailand, Mexico, and Kuwait. Like a few other global roaming SIM cards, XXSIM provides free incoming calls worldwide with roaming capabilities extending even to countries that do not necessarily appear within its coverage area.

XXSIM’s data services are compatible on both 2G and 3G networks in the standard frequency bands with no minimal charge in most countries. The company also offers outgoing calls at a rate it claims are 85% cheaper than major European Union network operators. The XXSIM is currently the only international SIM with an “in-network mobile to mobile” solution; calls to someone else on the XXSIM network are billed at a €0.19 rate regardless of the position of the other XXSIM. XXSIM also offers a free additional national landline number in Germany, USA, UK, and Switzerland to help lower costs for calls to landlines. Free calls and messages to any XXSIM user are also available via the XXSIM website.

XXSIM offers a toll-free customer service number to its customers in 17 countries, including Switzerland, Germany, France and the USA. In addition, global positioning is available from Google Maps via the XXSIM online account. SIP Trunk is also available for corporate users to integrate XXSIM to their company PBX for free.

XXSIM has an iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 8 mobile app with integrated VoIP SIP clients coming soon, which will be free to use.

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