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Please use the writing checklist on every article

Find articles by downloading this Android app. Please only do the articles surrounding the technology or app experience, not necessarily all those you see listed. If you’re not sure, contact Josh.

Always make sure your AdSense Publisher ID (pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) is up to date in your User Profile. You can find your AdSense Publisher ID in your AdSense settings on This is required in order to get paid.

Need article ideas?

You can use third-party news sources to help boost your productivity. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, download the app above to receive automatic notifications for possible articles you can write.

Easily promote your content with!

Promoting your content can be difficult but can also net you higher earnings. To simplify the process, use the service. Once set up, will automatically publish your article links on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and more, leaving you free to just write.

TIP: Be sure to put @trutower in the After content space when setting up your Twitter on Doing so will automatically reference the official TruTower Twitter account in your tweets, increasing our followers and therefore your income potential.

Original videos can massively increase your potential earnings

Another great way of increasing your earnings is by submitting an original video you made for an article to [email protected] for uploading to the official TruTower YouTube channel. The video will include a link back to your article, increasing your views, and therefore your clicks and earnings.

Referral rewards

Refer a writer and get $50 for every writer that writes their assigned (1 per weekday) articles on or for 90 days! There are no limits to how many writers you can refer. Please note: weekdays DO NOT include national holidays recognized in your local country. Weekends are optional. You must also be an active writer for the whole duration of the 90 day period.


Freelancers can apply for certain benefits through membership in Freelancers Union. Visit for information.

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