MobileGlobe Roaming Service

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With the launching of MGsoft in 2006, Mobile-Globe started to lower the costs of mobile communications from France to international locations. The roaming service was initially launched in the second trimester of 2007, making it one of the first international mobile operators.

Mobile-Globe offers a service that combines savings brought by the Internet, along with all the advantages of a classic carrier.

The company, like other services, seeks to enable customers to call from your mobile phone at extremely low costs from anywhere in the world. Mobile-Globe says part of this effort is to make things as “simple as possible.”

While Mobile-Globe acknowledges the many VoIP services on mobile and PC that enable you to make low-cost calls, the company says that a “computer is not really made for phone calls” while also acknowledging that wired “telephones are a real step back in time.” The company pushes its mobile solutions to enable low cost international calls.

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