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The Truphone SIM (also known as Tru SIM, TruSIM, and Local Anywhere) is a standard GSM service that works in over 220 countries. The service includes patented SIM technology that allows customers to have multiple country numbers and local rates for the countries where Truphone has MVNO partnerships with local operators. Currently those countries are the United Kingdom, United States and Australia, but MVNO wholesale partnerships in Hong Kong and Spain have also been announced. Local rates (but not local numbers yet) are currently offered in the Netherlands.

Truphone acquired the global assets of global carrier SIM4Travel in April 2008 and maintained the division separately until it was subsequently shut down on August 10, 2013.

With the Truphone GSM roaming service, Truphone also offers mobile call and SMS recording service to financial institutions in the UK to comply with the mobile recording legislation from the Financial Services Authority. The Truphone mobile recording service is delivered through Tru Obsidian, an organization created out of the acquisition of Obsidian Wireless by Truphone in 2012.

Truphone SIM also has Smart Caller Line Identification (Smart CLI or Caller ID) technology under the hood, which shows the most appropriate number of a Truphone SIM user on the screen of the person the Truphone SIM user is calling. For instance, if a Truphone SIM user has both a US and a UK number, and they make a phone call to the UK, their UK number will show up on the screen of the person receiving the call instead of their US number.

Though the company has said they are looking into releasing bundle plans for Truphone SIM consumers someday, the company currently offers the GSM service at pay-as-you-go rates. For businesses in the UK, USA, and Australia, the company offers business solutions.

TruTower obtained leaks of a new blue SIM card coming out for Truphone SIM users shortly before it was announced by the company. The new SIM card brings better connectivity for customers in the United States and other countries as well as some additional features.

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