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DOODAD was a data-only international roaming SIM card service based in New York City and led by CEO and co-founder Sarah Neill. Upon entering the market with the launch of its SIM service on April 3, 2013, DOODAD looked to provide customers with a low-cost option to expensive international roaming charges while at the same time looking to offer features and prices that would set it apart from the competition.

The company looked to make things easier for international travelers as opposed to what other travel SIM cards have offered by giving customers an upfront, low-cost, pre-paid way of purchasing data. The company offered only four price ranges to make deciding upon a purchase easier for customers instead of a very long list of countries where data rates would almost always be different. In addition, customers could also pay for data by the day, allowing them to more easily budget their usage without paying too much or too less for data.

While some customers may have been turned off by the idea of no phone calls or text messages built into each DOODAD plan, the use of VoIP and messaging apps alongside DOODAD proved to be a great way to keep roaming costs low while still staying in contact with friends and family, especially as use of these apps grows and use of network-based phone communication decreases over time.

DOODAD expanded shipping to Canada in its first shipping expansion ever and expanded shipping worldwide on July 3, nearly coinciding with the European Union roaming price drop that happened at the start of the month. By July 11, DOODAD had expanded its coverage to the tropical RĂ©union Island and in September began beta testing a number of other countries, moving the beta program into Italy by the end of September as it prepared for a wider global launch.

Even though the company was successful in growing its subscriber base, on October 25, 2013, DOODAD announced it would be shutting down by the end of the month, citing a number of factors for doing so. The company officially closed its doors on October 28.

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