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Pinger is a mobile messaging company that offers a suite of apps directed at mobile messaging and both video and voice-based conversations. Some of Pinger’s flagship apps include Textfree, a free SMS messaging app, and an app simply called Pinger, which allows users to take advantage of free phone calls. These apps are available for both iOS and Android devices.

Pinger has a globally-scalable monetization platform that includes over 12 million monthly active users and billions of text messages sent.

The company launched GIF Chat, JukeVox Messenger, and Free Style Messenger in August 2013 for Apple devices and announced plans to expand its suite of applications to Android devices later that same month. GIF Chat was then expanded to Windows Phone in December 2013.

Juniper Research: Mobile Messaging Revenues to Decline as Traffic Increases

messaging apps, free texting, android downloads

New data from Juniper Research, which provides research and analytical services to the global hi-tech communications sector, has shown that the messaging market will decline…

Instant Messaging Apps Are Improving the United Kingdom’s Love Life

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POP Messenger Brings Elegant Picture Chats to Your Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone

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There are a growing number of messaging apps out there that can be found on all three major mobile platforms rather than just only two….

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