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KeepGo is a global internet provider founded in 2009 by Guy Zbarsky and David Lipovkov. The company currently has offices and representatives in the USA, Israel, New Zealand, Russia, Australia and the Netherlands. KeepGo provides customers around the world with local, regional and global data SIM cards, smartphones and connectivity devices (like Mi-Fi or 3G modems) for their destination countries. In doing so KeepGo allows customers to avoid expensive 3G roaming fees from their home carrier, and offer them a wide range of data packages up to unlimited.

KeepGo offers a voice and data roaming SIM solution, a mobile hotspot solution and real-time monitoring tools that allow APN settings management, orders, and billing activity for business or personal usage via the KeepGo website or by cellphone application.

Plans offered by KeepGo cover over 180 destinations worldwide and cruise ships, and start from 50 MB per day. Customers can order 100 MB per day or unlimited plan as well. In addition, KeepGo offers competitive voice and data services with 10 USD per day packages for calling and connecting worldwide. Users on American carriers AT&T and Verizon Wireless that have locked phones can enjoy KeepGo services by receiving a SIM cards compatible with their devices as well. KeepGo also offers Pay-Per-Day programs, pooled data plans and fixed monthly bundles to their partners. KeepGo also offers different online affiliation models along with 24/7 customer support, real-time monitoring tools and API for smooth integration to their business partners.

GIGABYTE TO GO (GB2GO) is the company’s new retail product that includes a prepaid data balance of 1GB for 30 days in Europe and is compatible with smartphones, tablets and mobile routers. Customers who are traveling have the option of purchasing GB2GO at the nearest store that carries the service.

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