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Telna (Telecom North America), formerly 3U Telecom, is an interexchange carrier licensed in all states of the USA and, via its Canadian subsidiary, in all provinces of Canada. Its subsidiary Telecom North America Mobile Inc. is a spectrum-based mobile operator (MNO) in USA, and full member of the GSM Association.

Telecom North America was founded in 2002 by Herve Andrieu and Jean Gottschalk as the US subsidiary of 3U HOLDING AG, a publically traded German telecom group. In the same year, the company started offering nationwide direct dialed long-distance service to retail customers in all United States.

In 2003, it launched a carrier wholesale division and pioneered the selling of spare network capacity to other carriers via voice over IP technology. Today, its carrier customers are located accross 5 continents.

In 2008, Herve Andrieu and Jean Gottschalk acquired the company through a management buyout, and named it Telecom North America. The next year, in 2009, Telna launched Telna Mobile, a cellular service for international travelers.

Like other global roaming and calling services, Telna Mobile’s goal is to reduce international roaming costs, which it attempts to do so by providing various services both to end-users and to the industry.

It has point of presence in New York, USA, Las Vegas, USA and Frankfurt, Germany, interconnects with dozens of major carriers in over 30 countries and has roaming relationships — both directly and via sponsors — set up with nearly 600 operators in 200 countries.

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