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London-based WorldSIM is a global SIM card service that currently offers its services in 175 countries worldwide. The company offers free incoming calls in over 90 countries and has received a number of award for its service since the service began in 2006. The company was one of the first to pioneer the concept of a global roaming SIM card.

Like most global SIM cards, WorldSIM aims to eliminate expensive roaming costs. Because of its unique ability to offer free incoming calls in 90 countries worldwide, the service could save customers about 85% compared to national carrier plans with international roaming add-ons.

In addition to its global roaming SIM card, WorldSIM now provides a range of global solutions to help reduce the cost of keeping in contact worldwide, including a data roaming USB dongle for internet access and a dual SIM travel phone, The company is also looking to introduce more products in the near future.

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