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U&Me Plus offers various ways to stay connected with your friends & family by way of one-on-one instant messaging, group chats for up to 500 participants, file sharing of up to 100 MB sized files, voice notes, events, Around Me and other features.

File types that can be shared over U&Me Plus include Word Documents (.doc), PDF, ZIP, PPT, APK, and MP3, among others.

U&Me Plus also includes My Wall, which allows you to keep friends posted about what you are doing using photos, status, stickers and location sharing, similar to Facebook’s wall or WeChat’s Moments features. You can choose with whom you want to share your post or delete posts you no longer want published.

U&Me Plus also features an offline mode that lets you message your friend’s inbox even when they are offline. You can also send 100 free national or International text messages (SMS) using the app.

Other features of U&Me include:

  • Chat Themes that let you customize your chat experience
  • Around Me feature to make it easier to find people around you based on location and add them to your U&Me friends list
  • Events feature for planning and keeping track of upcoming events with your friends
  • Stickers featuring popular characters, emoticons, expressions, signs, animals and more.

U&Me Messenger is available for Android, iOS , Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia devices.

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