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Wireless Traveler was founded in 2009 by Ian and Brenda Benson and is based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The company also has offices in New York, London, and India.

Wireless Traveler is a leading provider of SIM cards for unlocked devices, also providing a pocket WiFi service with 30 day bundles that can be used in over 100 countries for up to 7 devices at a time. The company also provides satellite rentals for those traveling in an area with limited or no coverage.

The Wireless Traveler service only uses 3 tier carriers in over 200 countries for calling and texting and 100 countries for data and offers free incoming text messages to its users. Plans are also available to Canadians and South Americans for unlimited talk, text & data. Like most other international carriers, Wireless Traveler also does not require service contracts from customers.

The company claims that it can save travelers up to 80 percent on calls made while roaming abroad. Calls run as low as $0.45 per minute with features such as call forwarding to domestic phone numbers available to users in the United States and United Kingdom. Local numbers are also available for those who are traveling abroad for longer periods.

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